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Your Android device storage holds the entire Android operating system along with your important data and files. With time and normal usage, your device gets cluttered with thousands of junk files. These junk files are created by the default Android operating system and other programs that write temporary data, cache files during installation, when running and during uninstallation, leaving behind remnant files. That’s how your phone slows down and lags in speed.

clean master 2017 new version

There are many apps in Google Play Store that claim to super-charge or boost your phone with a tap. It is not the “boost” part one is interested in, but many other features that these cleaning or optimizing tools provide the android smartphone users with. One of them is a Junk Cleaning module.

What Exactly Junk Cleaner Do? 

Cleaner apps clean unwanted trash such as .apk files, temporary files and other junk from your smartphone. These apps also optimize RAM so that you can multitask without any hassles and get a little improved performance from your device.

That being said, RAM optimization (killing unrequired services that are loaded on memory) is only needed when you are using an outdated android smartphone. The phones with high-specs have enough free memory at their disposal to multitask easily without any noticeable lag.

What Does Cleanup Master Junk Cleaner offer?

No fancy stuffs here. All you need to do is select ‘junk files’ option from the home-screen and tap once on ‘Clean Now’ button. It removes cache files and temporary data. You can also select .APK files to remove them from your smartphones. Your device gets extremely lighter in storage once you remove junk with this cleaning master application. All residue files and temporary files get deleted leaving behind ample of space to store other data and improve responsiveness of apps.


From the usual cleaning and optimizing modules to some really good utilities such as storage manager and battery saver, CleanUp Master 2017 leaves very little to complain about. On the top of that, the app shows no ads and is free.

CleanUp Master is highly recommended to every android smartphone user

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