Top 10 Android Cleaner Apps 2017

Android phones have an excellent performance initially. With time and normal usage, they tend to slow down and deteriorate in performance. You can use optimization apps from the Play Store to get rid of slow speed and low device performance. For your ease, we have chosen the top 10 android cleaner apps which are able to remove junk files, cache, and improve your battery life. Go ahead and try them right away:

CleanUp Master

Cleanup Master

CleanUp Master is the top most app which falls under the category of Top 10 Android Cleaner Apps. It is an all in one master cleaner and junk cleaner for your phone. It scans your device for junk files and boosts the performance of your device instantly.

CleanUp Master is packed with great features such as Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Battery Saver, Game Booster, CPU Cooler, Antivirus, etc. It also lets you recover extra storage by scanning and deleting duplicate and similar photos present on your device. Get this app here.


Free Cleaner For Android

free cleaner for android

Free Cleaner for Android is a complete optimization tool for your device that can clean your device and speed it up greatly. It consists of several device optimization features that boosts your device and lets you recover a large amount of storage space. It extends your device’s battery to a large extent and protects your device from online threats.

The App Manager lets you manage all your installed apps by allowing you to backup or uninstall them for more space optimization.Get this app here.




CCleaner is already known for cleaning computers and laptops. It is also a mobile cleaner. It frees up device space by cleaning the temporary files, application cache, clipboard content, browser history, etc. It even lets you clear up your calls and SMS logs.

CCleaner comes with various features such as Storage Analyzer, Scheduler, App Manager, etc. You can monitor your device and browse safely with this Android app. Get this app here.

DU Speed Booster


As the name says, DU Speed Booster boosts your device speed greatly by cleaning the unnecessary junk files present in the device. This Android cleaner comes bundled with several cool features like Junk Cleaner, App Manager, One-Touch Accelerator, Privacy Advisor, Internet Speed Tester, etc.

This app is a great optimization tool for your Android device and keeps your device running smoothly. It also keeps your device secure from all types of external threats. Get this app here.

1 Tap Cleaner

1 tap cleaner

1 Tap Cleaner is a mobile cleaner app which lets you clean and optimize your Android device in a single tap. Its various features include Cache Cleaner, Defaults Cleaner, History Cleaner, Call/Text Cleaner, etc.

Its most attractive feature is that it allows the user to clean the device at particular time intervals. The app then continuously cleans the device automatically at the fixed time intervals without annoying the user and asking for permissions. Get this app here.

SD Maid

sd maid

SD Maid is not only an Android cleaner app but also a file manager and file maintenance app. It scans and deletes the useless files and folders left behind by apps which have been uninstalled from the device. This way, it frees up device space and at the same time optimizes and maintains your device.

Two versions of the app are available – free and premium. The free version offers all the basic features while the premium version offers some additional features for improving your device performance.
Get this app here.

App Cache Cleaner


As per the name, App Cache Cleaner is basically a cache cleaner which cleans cache of all your device applications. The cache files are stored by the installed apps for a quick re-launch but these cache files tend to pile up over time and consume extra storage space.

Get this app here.

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

AVG Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver for Android

AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver is also one of the best 10 android cleaner apps which allows you to clean and boost your android device. It lets you clean junk files, organize apps, save battery and reduce data usage. It also cleans your browsing history, and call logs to speed up your device. It even lets you set customized reminders to clean your device automatically. Get this app here.

Super Cleaner – Antivirus

 Super Cleaner – Antivirus is a cool device optimization app for your android device. It safely cleans all the junk files and frees chunks of storage space on your device and at the same time, speeds up your device to a great extent. It also helps you find rarely used apps so that you can uninstall them to save more space.

With this tool, you can also protect sensitive apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Gmail, etc. by adding an extra password. Get this app here.

Clean Master


It is a master cleaner app which lets you recover space in your Android device by allowing you to clean junk files such as app cache, residual files, etc. which get collected after the installation of a new Android app.

Get this app here.

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