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How to Keep Your Device Clean and Increase its Performance?

10 Ways To Clean & Optimize Your Android Device

Clean Up Master Infographics


Clean Junk

Recover space by deleting unwanted junk files using the Junk Cleaner.

Boost Phone

Free up device RAM by running the Phone Booster.

Clean Social Data

Remove social media apps’ data to free up space and secure yourself.

Remove Similar Photos

Scan your phone for duplicates and remove them to reclaim lost space.

Delete Large Files

Find the large files occupying extra storage space & remove them to gain device space.

Organize Apps

Uninstall or back up the apps you don’t use anymore. To organize more professionally use adware removal tool to remove all kinds of ads.

Cool Device CPU

Lower down the device temperature using the CPU Cooler.

Clean Notifications

Clean all apps’ notifications easily through the Notification Cleaner.

Use Battery Saver

Enhance your device’s battery by enabling the Battery Saver.

Boost Games

Speed up your favorite games to enjoy them without any interruptions.


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    This is a great idea I would love to try it

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