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Best Android Cleaners 2017- Top 10 Android Cleaning Apps

Best Android Cleaners 2017

CleanUp Master

Cleanup Master

CleanUp Master is one of the best Android cleaners. It scans and cleans all the junk files present in your device very efficiently. When all the junk files are removed from your device, the device is optimized to a whole new level. Not just cleaning, CleanUp Master can do much more great stuff such as phone boosting, battery saving, CPU cooling, etc. The Antivirus and Secure Browsing features are also an added advantage of this superb cleaner 2017. Get this app here.


FREE Cleaner & File Manager & Social Cleaner

The functionalities of FREE Cleaner & File Manager & Social Cleaner  can be identified by its name itself. It is a free cleaning tool to clean your Android device. The junk cleaner effectively cleans the useless junk files from your Android device. This way you can recover a high amount of storage space in your phone. You can also extend your device’s battery and protect your device from online threats using this app. Get this app here.


An Android cleaning app which allows you to free up device space by cleaning useless files such as application cache, browsing history, clipboard content, download folders, etc. You can also clear your calls and SMS logs using this app. It offers a very simple and easy to use interface where you can easily check the usage of your CPU along with the battery levels. Its various features include Storage Analyzer, Scheduler, App Manager, etc. Get this app here.

App Cache Cleaner

This cleaner is essentially a cache cleaner which cleans all the cache files present on your device. This allows you to free a lot of storage memory on your phone. It also lets you set reminders so that you know when to clean the cache files. It is the best app for people who are usually running out of phone storage as clearing cache files created by apps can free a large amount of phone storage. Get this app here.

1-Tap Clean & Boost

1-Tap Clean & Boost is a complete optimization tool for your device that can clean your device and boost it effectively. It cleans, boosts and optimizes your Android device in just a single tap. 1-Tap Clean & Boost kills all the current apps running in the background and optimizes your RAM at the same time. You can see your battery usage with a single touch and find which apps are draining your battery. Get this app here.

The Cleaner – Boost & Clean

The Cleaner is a very easy to use app which is wonderfully designed with a great user interface. It is a lightweight app that doesn’t occupy much of your device’s memory. As the name says, it lets you clean and boost your Android device. Its various features include memory optimizer, storage cleaner, app manager, phone booster, app locker, scheduled reminders, etc. Get this app here.

Clean My Android

This android cleaner, lets you free up memory on your device and boost all your apps and games. You don’t have to worry anymore about clearing cache and boosting your phone. Clean My Android takes care of everything and offers a friendly user interface. It is a fast and compact app which consumes very low memory and CPU usage. Get this app here.

Avast Cleanup – Storage Cleaner and Booster

Avast Cleanup is a highly effective junk cleaner app for Android devices. It cleans all the junk files such as disposable files, cache files and thumbnails to recover storage space on your device. This app quickly analyzes the storage space on your phone, recognizes all the unnecessary data and lets you clean it. The Safe Clean feature of the app instantly clears all the unimportant data, system cache, thumbnails, app installation files and other files. Then, you can easily clean the accumulated data that has no use with just one tap.
Get this app here.

AVG Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver for Android

AVG Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver for Android allows you to delete useless files and recover device memory. With this cleaning and phone booster app, you can make your device run like a new one. It also lets you boost the performance of your device and save battery power. Get this app here.

Clean Master

An Android cleaner 2017 which lets you reclaim sufficient storage space in your Android device by cleaning the junk files. It lets you clean all types of junk files such as app cache, residual files, etc. which get accumulated in your device. Clean Master not only keeps your phone clean but also protects it from viruses through its Antivirus feature. Click here to download.

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