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CleanUp Master Android Optimizer-Maximize Android Performance

CleanUp Master Android Optimizer-Maximize Android Performance

CleanUp Master is one of the best optimizer applications to enhance the performance of your Android device. The app is becoming more and more popular day by day with increasing number of downloads. CleanUp Master is basically an Android cleaner which cleans all the junk files present on your device and reclaims lost device space. Not just device cleaning, it can do much more stuff such as phone boosting, battery saving, etc. The application also acts as a virus cleaner as it offers built in Antivirus. This feature protects your Android device from all external threats and also lets your browse safely.

New updates of the app are released from time to time which makes it better and better. The latest update of the app allows you to get rid of the ads appearing in the app with a single tap of a button. This makes the app even better!

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Features of CleanUp Master Optimizer:

  1. Junk Cleaner scans all the junk files and deletes them to optimize device and free up space.
  2. The app lets you boost your device and improve its performance by terminating background applications.
  3. Allows you to cool down your device when it gets heated up.
  4. Battery Saver extends the battery life of your device by managing the battery consuming parameters.
  5. Lets you delete unnecessary applications or create a backup, if required.
  6. The Photo Manager feature finds the duplicate photos present on your device and recovers a high amount of storage space.

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