best antivirus for windows 7

Best Antivirus for windows 7

Who doesn’t want a safe and secure Computer system? The digital world is continuously taking over the Manual world and with this change is increasing the use of digital devices.

Buying a high-end PC with the latest processor has become a normal routine these days.

Computer systems are quite sophisticated and do not require regular maintenance, however, protecting your device with a good Antivirus program is not a bad idea.

Computer systems are open source platforms with security being its biggest concern. With all the recent cyber-attacks, the importance and need of the best antivirus for Windows 7 has become as crucial as its operating system.

Even if you are technically very sound and practice extreme caution there are certain threats that just can’t be stopped from invading the computer system without the help of an efficient Antivirus suite.

System vulnerabilities have made it essential to have a third party software installed on your computer system which could safeguard your PC from malicious content and protect it from all potential system threats.

best amtivirus for windows

Keep your system intact with Best antivirus software for PC in India and enjoy high-end system performance.

Why do you need Antivirus suite for Windows?

With each passing day, our dependency on technology is increasing multi-fold with our whole-life revolving around our smartphones or laptops.

Photos, work documents, notes, and reminders are few of the important things that fill our systems, some of which are deeply personal to us, things that we don’t wish to share with anybody else.

A successful malware invasion can destroy everything and can even expose your personal and confidential information for the whole world to see.

Your PC or laptop is highly vulnerable to malware and Ransomware attack unless you have a security software installed on your computer.

The former is highly important these days, given the increase in Ransomware and cyber-attacks cases nowadays.

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An efficient antivirus suit is the first step in ensuring safety, but don’t just settle down with any antivirus program. You should find the best antivirus for yourself.

A good antivirus software detects, prevents and disables malware, commonly known as ‘viruses’.

Antivirus suit is the first and the most critical step to protect your system and is a perfect solution to curb malware. To ensure system protection you must install antivirus, followed by regular updates.

Security software is just not confined to protection against viruses as viruses are arguably a small part of the vast malware family prevalent on the web nowadays.

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The cybercriminals nowadays don’t have to be a hardline hacker and can easily get all the software and mass data they want on the dark web, and they know where to look.

For complete system security, your antivirus should be equipped with the ability to remove and disable existing malware, along with ongoing protection from nasty system infections like Ransomware, botnets, Trojans and other infection from getting a foothold into your system.

For anytime protection, it should also offer real-time malware protection.

Accidently you could visit a website that displays contaminated and malicious ads or clicks on a phishing email (it happens, doesn’t it?).

The undisclosed bugs in the installed program or links give hackers entry to your system. High-end computer system comes with pre-installed PC security system these days but cannot be relied on completely and are not full proof.

A good Antivirus software will ensure system security by detecting system vulnerabilities and protecting if form installation of all nasty bits on your machine. Anyone who actively downloads programs online, uses email facilities and clicks on links, will definitely benefit from an antivirus suite.

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The best antivirus program will always provide a perfect balance between excellent protections, a worthwhile selection of features, with minimal impact on the overall performance of the PC.

Useful Features.

The digital world is growing at an insane rate and so is increasing the needs of antivirus software for perfect system protection. Below mentioned are few of the prominent features.

  1. Fast Scanning

    – The Best antivirus of PC for 2018, comes with a fast system scanning solution. It scans for virus, blocks and removes them to keep your system safe from virus, backdoor Trojans, worms etc. When it comes to virus detection it scans files to ensure that malware can’t launch. Additionally, for ongoing security, it also performs system scan on demand or on the schedule you set. Post system scan it efficiently blocks all access to malware-hosting web links and attachments.

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  1. Real-Time protection

    – In addition to system scanning it also ensures 24/7 system protection from nasty and malicious system threats. The best antivirus for PC scans your system in real time to keep it safe from all system infection.


  1. Web Protection

    – Often we spend hours surfing the internet which opens the doors for the virus to get onto your PC. Web Shield is another prominent feature of the best antivirus in India. It scans, flags and blocks malware-infected links, fixes mistyped URLs and also keeps the users protected from fraudulent websites and phishing sites that try to steal personal and confidential details about the user.


  1. Live Updates

    – Installing a good antivirus system is not sufficient for overall system security, Regular and timely software updates forms an integral part for safety against all threats. Automatic and scheduled database update will keep your antivirus up-to-date for protection forms of old and new system infections.

Everything that’s good comes free, and in the world of free product, free antivirus for PC helps in keeping you safe and automatically protects it against malware, detects and blocks all suspicious links.  

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